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Yukang Photonics Co.,ltd is seated in Photonics park, Hi-tech zone, nanyang. focus on optical components design and manufacture, its capacity in near UV, visible light, infrared, laser defense and other technical field, owning professional  design team and skilled worker, through advanced optics cold equipment, coating equipment, machining, hgih accuracy testing instrument, with rich technology strength and experience of designing, processing and testing. Products are mainly used in Commercial, Medical, Defense and other fields. Have built deep technology and market cooperation with many professional company from USA, EU, Canada, Japan, Ireal etc more than 10 coutries.

From materials of various optical glass, optical crystal and fused silica. Yukang Photonics have the capacity to supply spherical lens, cylinder lens, aspherical lens, windows, prism, mirrior, filter and other components according to customers’ requirements. And able to finish its coating with high difficulty, such as AR coating, dielectric reflective coating, metal reflective coating, beam splitting coating, narrow band filter, band pass filter…… At he mean time, based on deep understanding and full confidence, we can undertake assembly order or manufacture order, to suit your every needs.

Yukang photonics has a team focusing on medical devices, with technical strength for designing and making medical loupes, headlights, endoscopic(for sinoscope, otoscope and laparoscope based), offering help to doctors.

With the focus and accumulation in the optical fields, Yukang photonics have the capabilities to design and manufacture optical products In defense and security.  The products of IR, UV and night vision parts we designed,  are applied to combat aircrafts, submarine, armored vehicle and so on.

photonics adhere to the principle of quality "credit first, the quality of survival; customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit", keeping on improving the quality and design of products, and passed the quality system authentication GB/T 9001-2016idtISO 9001-2015 by third party.

Yukang photonics insist the culture of "sincerity, mutual benefit", never stop innovating, and never stop advancing. Offer product and services of the highest quality, and deliver them in a timely fashion…  

Quadruple Security

■Materials------We select only well known domestic and international factories.
■Experience------Rich machining and adjusting, communicate efficiently within customers, well known cutomers’ demands.
■Efficiency------committed to technological innovation, improving R&D system, make better product stability, can make your product more stable and more recognizable.
■Quality------Advanced testing equipment and strict quality control to ensure each product qualified.   

Hello customers:  

Thanks for your trusting that Yukang become your supplier, we are very focused on optics development and manufacturing, our goal is:
----Through our unremitting efforts, make your products R&D more efficient, Yukang photonics can be customized for you even your demand only 1 pc.
----Through our control for production and quality, make your products with better quality.
----Through our 24 hours full times service, make top delivery on time.
----Through our perfect technology and constant innovation, make you products more copetitive in the market.

When we receive your first order, it is our only mission to make you satisfied!


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