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Production Capacity

Yukang Photonics has a manufacturing team with deep knowledge and rich experience, including grinding, polishing, edging, manual work, inspection, coating, painting, cementing, assembling etc full optical production line. Under the ISO9001 quality system guidlance, produced by experienced technician according to operating rules, it is laying the foundations to meet customers’ requirments. Treat every order—conscientious, responsibility strictly, Strive to be more perfect; Treat every process-careful inspection, keep improving, ensure perfect quality; Treat every customer—learn and analysis detailed requirements, provide excellent optics solutions from applicability and technical support according to customers demand.

Spherical production line

Our precision optical component-lens, mainly used for photographic system, microscope system, telescopic system, aiming system, measuring system and so on. The main equipment was imported from Korea and Japan, including milling machine, edge grinding machine, polishing machine, ultrasonic Cleaning Machine etc. Can process the lens from Φ2mm to Φ500mm with flexible manufacturing model, it is OK either customized small lot orders or mass production.


Plates production line

We are producing kinds of prisms, windows, filter and other flat optical parts, mainly used for defense, security, commercial, medical and others precision optical system. The main equipments are milling machine, polishing machine etc. Can process the prisms, including right angle prism, roof prism, rhomb prism, penta prism, cubic prism, pyramid prism etc from 1.5mm to 360mm with flexible manufacturing model, it is OK either customized small lot orders or mass production.


Coating production line

Our coating workshop configuration has splash magnetron sputtering coating, ion beam deposition coating, Vacuum ion evaporation coating etc, according to user requirements, we can offer HR coating, AR coating, polarizing coating, beam splitter coating, phase coating, anti-water coating, ITO coating and others. Environmental durability testing is required for coated parts, including abrasive resistance(per L-M-13508C, use clean cloth, utilizing a force of 500g, rub 600 circles, nothing unusual); adhesion testing(Per C-48497A, use tape paste on then remove fastly, no desquamate); corrosion resistance(Per MIL-STD-810E, 5% salt spray, exposed in environment of 35℃, nothing unusual), humidity(per MIL-C-48497A, 95% humidity, exposed in environment of 35℃, set aside for 24 hours, then make abrasive testing, nothing unusual); solubility(Per MIL-C-48497A, set aside in the room temperature of 15-32℃, for 24 hours, then checking the change).


Assembly production line

Yukang photonics is able to design and assemble various lenses for industrial, medical, security, military and other industries according to your requirements. It has a professional production line and dust-free workshop,  with well equipped and workstage, stressless dispensing, tuning, centering, painting, assembly etc. It is in control of machining accuracy and assebly accuracy, owning strict standards and tighter regulations. We can satisfy special lens demand such as focusable lens, zoom lens, visble light, achromatic light, micro light and infrared etc. At the same time, the professional and experienced assembling operation team and the expert team with profound knowledge have undertaken the assembly practice of optical lenses in special fields such as military affairs and safety for many years, as well as the technology of pursuing excellence, strictly controlling the assembly accuracy, centering error, internal stress, parts distance etc. We can can take on the assembly of various customized and mass optical lens. There are mainly testing equipment of center thickness tester, MTF, projector, Heterodyne tester, impurity tester, comprehensive tester, electronic autocollimator, goniometer, wavefront instrument, interferometer, focumeter and spherometer etc, so that we can effectively test and control the parameters during the lens assembly process, provide complete quality detection and quality guarantee, ensure controllable lens quality, and accurately meet customer requirements.


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