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Measurement Capability

“Testing accuracy determines products accuracy” is consensus of optical industry, it can’t achieve without high accuracy testing device and high level inspection team. We have equipped multiple devices with high performance, such as ZYGO GPI, SHIMADZU UV-360, OLYPUS spectrophotometer, Taylor Hobson contourgraph, high-low temperature test chamber, salt spray test chamber etc, and hired a team which guided by two masters of optical detection, providing a guarantee of qualified optical components to our customers.

                                     ZYGO interferometer                                                                            MTF tester


                                        MTF tester                                                                        Optical profilometer

                                            Ball diameter meter                                                         Angular instrument
                                UV3600Spectrophotometer                                                                 Center deviation tester    
                                                     optical bench                                                                             collimator

                                        high and low temperature test box                                           Salt spray test bench

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