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We adhere to and practice the principle of "honesty, quality of the survival; Customer satisfaction is the aim of Yukang photonics”, based on quality first, sincerity weighs, improve quality constantly of products and services, and efforts to improve design, processing and other services. The Technology Quality Department is a quality management leading department with high-quality management personnel, advanced testing equipment and advanced higher authorities. It guarantees to provide customers qualified products by perfect management system and advanced quality control technology. Product quality assurance capability is reflected in the following contents: 

■ As the leading department of the company's quality management, own full equipped organizational structure, It's a coequal functional department as production center, each business unit and the HR department. The employee competency divide into quality management, quality system maintenance, quality statistical analysis, full-time inspection, metrological verification and maintenance, etc. 

■ Yukang photonics has perfect training system. The quality control personnel at his posts by passing the training firstly. And trainning never stop, they will undergo various ways of retraining to improve their professional and working abilities.

■ Inspect to fulfill needs, we equipped a professional laboratories conforming to the optical testing standards, also complete advanced testing equipment. If necessary, have the ability to design special testing tools to improve product testing accuracy and testing efficiency. 

■ The whole process from design to business department, inspection and packaging shall be strictly implemented in accordance with industry standards or user standards. if no standards, from design, business department and inspection shall pass various reliability tests and form the enterprise standards according to the test data. The quality supervisor participates in the development and trial production of new products and new processes, and completes the following tasks: supervise the implementation of product standards, confirm the conformity of product quality, and formulate inspection technical documents, etc. 

■ The quality management system has passed the third-party certification of GB/T 19001-2016 IDT ISO 9001: 2015.    



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