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Plano-concave Lens

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  Technical indicators

Dimension range


Diameter Tolerance


Central thickness


  surface accuracy

    λ/5@ 633 nm

  • surface quality




F.L tolerance




  Clear aperture



Customer specify

Highest image and beam quality

We produce optics components for your demanding which applications in imaging and multispectral system technology, including a variety of high-precision prisms, with substrate materials of various optical glass, UV fused silica, infrared Fused quartz and crystalline materials such as calcium fluoride (CaF2) etc., and provide antireflection coatings, high-reflection coatings, spectroscopic coatings, Various optical coatings such as metal films.

Our advantage

▶Complete in-house production (raw material preparation> coating / painting)
▶Flexible and controllable production technology, advanced milling, fine grinding, polishing, coating, cutting, cementing, black painting, curing, cleaning, testing and other full-process production and processing equipment to create high-precision perfect optical components, Provide the highest quality products.
▶Experienced technical and manufacturing teams have a deep understanding and understanding of spherical optics in the fields of projection display systems, digital camera systems, biometric systems, high-end measurement and medical systems.
▶Our dedicated service to each customer enables us to have long-term close cooperation with customers in Japan, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.
▶Cost effective even in small batches
▶We provide you with professional customization services of spherical optics, and we can provide customized requirements for you. We provide you with professional customization suggestions, fast quotes, and fast delivery.

Choose us is to choose excellent professional quality, impeccable processing, high level quality guarantee and full chain attentive services.
Contact us and discover what sets us apart!
Want to customize it? Provide your parameters, drawings or 3D models, our team of excellent engineers will help you!


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