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Optical filter

3400nm infrared filter

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Filters are made by adding special dyes to a plastic or glass substrate or by evaporating an optical film on the surface to attenuate (absorb) certain bands of light in a wave or by accurately selecting a small band through which to reflect or absorb other unwanted bands. By changing the structure of the filter and the matching parameters of the membrane structure, various spectral characteristics can be obtained, so that the filter can control, adjust and change the transmission and reflection state of light waves. Its advantages are: peak transmittance, flat band spectrum, excellent cutoff in a wide band range, and good wet temperature stability.


Yukang photonics specializes in the production of various high-end narrow-band filters, bandpass filters, infrared ultraviolet filters, dichroic filters, long-wave pass filters, short-wave pass filters, advanced optical coating equipment, mature physical hard film technology, fast delivery cycle, can meet your customized requirements.

The basic parameters

IR 3400nm Bandpass Filter
  material   Si
  Size and specification   according to customer requirements
  Dimensional deviation:   + 0/0.2 mm (Φ D; LxW)
  Thickness deviation   +0/-0.2mm
  Pass aperture   > 90%
  Surface mass   80-50(MIL)
  Chamfering   < 0.2mm
  Center Wavelength CWL   3400nm
  Half power Bandwidth   140 ± 30nm
  Tpeak(%)   ≥85%
  Blocking Wavelength Range   400~11000nm
  Cut-off zone transmittance   Tmax<1%,Tavg<0.1%
  Operating temperature   -40°C /+180°C (low stress state)Base
  Storage environment   constant temperature ~23℃; And humidity < 40%

Technical advantages:

■ The narrow-band filter of cut-off depth OD6 can be provided up to the maximum, and the real measured cut-off depth service can be provided

■  With high cut-off depth measurement ability, product parameters are true and reliable, and accept data comparison of third-party agencies

■ Ultra-narrow band filter with the narrowest bandwidth of 2nm

■ With custom gradient band pass filter design and production capacity

■ We provide the customized service of infrared filter

■ Provides design and production capacity of dielectric film mirrors with reflectance greater than 99.99%

■ Customizable up to five band pass filters

■ Ultra - steep transition zone filters can be customized

■ It has the ability of secondary customization of imported high-end filters

■ Development and production of microarray bandpass filters for CCD

■ Development and manufacture of radiation filters for aerospace use

■ It provides contactless laser cutting service for high-end filters

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